Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quitter by Jon Acuff

Sample Quitter
Recently I read Quitter by Jon Acuff. As the subtitle suggests, Quitter is about helping you to jump from your day job to your dream job without killing your dream and your current funding in one fell swoop!

I admit that I first picked this book up not because I was interested in quitting my day job but because I had heard it so highly endorsed by Dave Ramsey. However, as I began to read Jon's personal story and his guidelines for making the transition between your day job and your dream job as smooth as possible I got hooked! Jon uses his own personal stories and experiences as a blogger turned writer and speaker to enliven his book and to breathe life and humor into what he is trying to tell you. But the core of the principle can be applied to any field or dream.

The part of the book that really had the greatest impact on me was when he said NOT to quit your day job. I know it's a shocker that the author of the book Quitter would write a chapter about NOT quitting your current job but it's true. I had never really considered that my day job could actually help my dream grow, but now I think that it totally can. You'll have to read the book to find out how Jon convinced me but believe me it's in there.

I highly recommend Quitter to anyone who has always had a bigger dream for their life than what they are currently living. Quitter will teach you practical steps to help make your dream become a reality.

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