Monday, November 15, 2010

Follow Christ

I was thinking about this song this morning. It talks about following Christ no matter what battles you face or where he leads you. Sometimes you don't know where you are going when you are following Christ.

That is the interesting thing about following someone, if you are focused on them then you can't see around them. You only see them in front of you. You are fully depending on them to lead you to the correct destination. That's why it's important that you are following the right person. I had a friend who punctured her car radiator because she was following someone blindly. When they swerved she was too close to swerve herself and drove over a piece of metal that was lying in the road. Thankfully, we never have to worry about Christ leading us into situations where we puncture our spiritual radiators -- that only happens when we leave Christ to follow someone else or we get distracted.

Are you following Christ today? Where is He leading you? Are you being a good follower or are you getting distracted by what's going on around you?

Focus on Christ and follow Him.

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