Friday, December 10, 2010

Dragon Spell is Spell Binding

DragonSpell (Dragon Keepers Chronicles, Book 1)When I was browsing the shelves of my local bookstore, I was first drawn to Dragonspell because of the cover art. I love enchantments, fantasy, dragons and adventure. This book looked perfect for me! Within the first few paragraphs I knew I was right. I was going to love this book and I do!

The Dragon Keeper Chronicles, the first of which is Dragonspell, by Donita K. Paulcenters around a former slave girl named Kale and the many friends she meets along her journeys. This book was originally written for grades 4-8, but I was 23 years old the first time I read it and enjoyed it just as much. I just couldn't put the book down. I have since read all of the Dragon Keeper Chronicles and I was very sad when the series came to an end.

The adventures are legendary! The characters are easy to relate to, and you just can't wait for more. The best part is that the books also teach you valuable lessons about faith and purpose as you follow the will of your master and creator.

This book is a must read for the entire family!

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