Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The J.O.Y. of Albert Pujols

Pujols: More Than the GameJ.O.Y. is the principle that you put Jesus first, your others second, and yourself last. This week I read Pujols More than the Game. It is an autobiography about the man, the myth, the legend—Albert Pujols, and his passion to live everyday for Jesus Christ, serves others, and then seeks the good of himself. If you are an avid Cardinals fan like my husband and me or you just admire and respect Albert Pujols, you are going to love this book. The authors, Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth, do an amazing job of mixing real-life baseball stories, stats, and other interesting Pujols facts in a way that is both interesting and informative. I have learned much about how truly amazing Pujols’ career stats truly are without getting bored by all the numbers so I have to say good job and mission accomplished to Lamb and Ellsworth.

I did love reading the heart warming baseball and ministry stories in the book, and I was heartbroken at the harsh reality that Albert and Deidre faced before Pujols started bringing home the big bugs in the majors. However, what I loved most of all is the way that the authors’ writing style and format captured the very talented but also very humble essence of who Albert Pujols is both as a baseball player and a man of faith.

Reading Pujols More than the Game has been an enlightening and encouraging experience for me. I think the authors summarized the book and Albert’s life best in the very first chapter. There they write, “Puhols’ faith is neither a vague spirituality nor an improve-your-morals campaign. Rather, the core of his faith is in Jesus Christ, defined in his foundation’s statement of faith as “God’s only Son, [who] lived a perfect life of obedience to the Father and substituted Himself as the perfect sacrifice for our sins. He became our mediator to bridge the gap between mankind and a Holy, Sinless God.”(p 10)

I just have to say again…this book is a great read! It will encourage your heart and help you find some J.O.Y., and if you aren’t a Christian already it will open your eyes to the true Power behind one of the greatest men in history of baseball. If you love baseball, you need to read Pujols More than the Game!

A copy of this book was provided to me for free by Thomas Nelson Publishing for book review purposes.


  1. Sounds like a great book. My husband loves baseball. Might need to pick up a copy for him and then also read it myself!

  2. It really is a great book. If you decide to buy through Amazon, you can link directly to the product page by clicking on the book image above.

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  4. Carol, Sounds like a book I would enjoy. Thanks for recommending it!