Monday, May 9, 2011

My Emotional Journey Through Music

A couple of nights ago, I was feeling a little down so I started listening to some music videos on YouTube. The videos that came to mind formed an interesting progression and I think that they showed where I was from beginning to end. The main reason that I wanted to share with you because where I ended up really made me laugh. I have shared some of these videos with you before so I apologize if you don't like repeats. Anyway...

I present to you my emotional journey through music!

Blessings by Laura Story

Held by Natalie Grant

Stronger by Mandisa

What if Your Best by FFH

I was actually searching for the Blue song from Madame Blueberry but I came across the "Stuff Mart Song" instead and I really love this song so I decided to listen to it instead. Unfortunately embedding has been disabled so if you want to listen to this one you are going to have to view it on by Clicking Here to view the Stuff Mart Song.

Endangered Love (Silly Songs with Larry)

By this time I was laughing and feeling much better. I ended the night by listening to "The Biscuit of Zazzamarandabo".

The Biscuit of Zazzamarandabo (Silly Songs with Larry)


  1. have an ecclectic taste in music which is great! Great you're feeling better.

  2. HA! this post is great! You are so creative

  3. Great songs...especially Veggie Tales!:)

  4. I do love these songs, and I am glad that I can share them. Sometimes all you need to make your day better is a little Veggie Tales.

  5. I have a very strange and varied taste in music. I love old stuff, new stuff, some rap, some rock, some country, some pop, and who knows what else. Out of all the groups and artists I have loved so far in my 27 years, Mandisa is definitely TOP 5! I especially love her newest CD. There are just so many great songs on there that speak to me. Julie, I am glad that you like Stronger as well.