Saturday, July 24, 2010


LOST the Series by ABC

As a woman in the ministry, there are more than I few days that I feel like I am on "LOST". I live on an island where no one can really reach me. I am surrounded by other ministers and their wives who have their own issues, and I am constantly being attached by the "Others". In this case the "Others" could be any number of people. Sometimes they are in your church. Sometimes they are in your youth group. Sometimes they are even in your family. The Others spy on you and report your every behavior to anyone willing to listen. There is no privacy on the island. You are surrounded by people and yet you are alone and still you have no privacy. Everyone knows your business and the Others are ready to kick you off their list with one bad decision made or one character flaw discovered. How are you to survive? There are days when I wish the giant polar bear would just attack me and get it over with! I am tired of being alone with no real friends and being condemned by the Others who surround me! I just want to get off the Island.

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