Monday, July 12, 2010

A Wild West Love Adventure

Redeeming LoveRedeeming Love is a blend of historical fiction and a retelling of the Bible story all rolled into one. You travel back to the wild west and land in the middle of the gold rush. Towns go up over night. The gold rush is booming. Men flock to the new frontier to find wealth and fame. What else do these men want besides food and gold? Women. As fast as new towns are founded so are the brothels and other houses of prostitution. That’s where we meet Angel.

Angel is a prostitute. She came to the West to start fresh after suffering from prolonged sexual abuse. She doesn’t know what love really means. Being involved with a man in any way beyond the surface is just opening yourself up for hurt and betrayal. But then she meets Micheal Hosea. She can’t her finger on it but something about him is different than the other men she has met.

It is in the interaction of Angel and Michael Hosea that we see the Biblical story of the prophet Hosea come to life. It is new and fresh and different. The story is filled with passion and love and you will learn from this story as you never have before.

I highly recommend this story to anyone who loves to read. I especially recommend it to historical fiction and romance lovers. It’s not your typical romance. Jump into the rush and go to the wild west for a whirl wind romance unlike any other. Read Redeeming Love today!

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