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The Final Summit is Great for Historical Fiction Lovers

The Final Summit: A Quest to Find the One Principle That Will Save HumanityOverview:
The Final Summit is another great work of fiction by Andy Andrews. In The Final Summit, you will counter a cast of familiar historical figures as well as David Ponder from The Traveler's Gift. The basic premise of the book is that the world has been on a downward spiral for some time now and it’s time is nearing an end unless a solution can be found to reverse this spiral. Ponder, who is recently widowed and is now questioning his will to live, is summoned by the angel Gabriel to lead a council of the most powerful and world changing minds from the past. Members of this council include biblical figures such as King David all the way to more contemporary figures like Mister Rogers—even Amelia Earhart makes an appearance. Together these individuals must come up with an idea to reverse the downward spiral of the world. They have five chances to solve the problem, and they must do it before the sand in the world’s hour glass runs out. Will they be able to save the world? Only time will tell.

Author Andy Andrews
My Thoughts:
When I first learned that David Ponder was a returning character from another Andy Andrews book I was a little worried that I would be lost. I was pleasantly surprised that I could follow and enjoy The Final Summit without having read The Traveler's Gift. I also liked the cast of characters whom Andrews includes in his heavenly council—especially some of the lesser known individuals like Eric Erickson (never heard of him before this book but he’s real!).

I thought that the story line was interesting. The varied cast of characters from different cultures and eras provided some interesting interactions, and I had to chuckle to myself when he described some of the scenes taking place in the council chambers. In the end the solution the council decides upon isn’t all that new or radical but it still is true and holds important meaning. The best part is that this self-help answer comes to you in an easily digestible fiction form. How nice! All in all I thought The Final Summit was great. I recommend it to individuals who enjoy historical fiction and to those who are looking for uplifting and encouragement in their own lives.

This book was provided to me at no cost by Thomas Nelson Publishing for review purposes.

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