Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Good and Bad of Social Networking

It makes me laugh and shake my head when I think about all the changes that have happened to technology in my lifetime alone. I remember the first time I ever saw a computer. It was in our public library and you could reserve a time slot for 30 minutes and you could choose a big floppy disk that contained one program you could play. Go sticky bear! I was around 5 or 6 then.

When I was in middle school, I shared one of three of the school computers (small private school) in order to type my 10 page research paper. Then I saved it to a 3" hard floppy that was carefully labeled with my name and research topic. I remember that you had to be so careful not to bend the protective metal piece which protected the disk memory. If you bent it you were toast!

Our high school was bigger and had a better budget so we had two whole computer labs. I was excited the first time I was able to burn my own music CD to play in my discman. I believe a few of the people in my school had cell phones but I don't think so.

In college, I got my first ever cell phone. I bought and paid for it all on my own. I also bought my first desktop, lap top, and thumb drive. I wrote a Xanga blog and eventually got a Myspace account.

Now I have Facebook, a phone that browses the internet (even if it isn't a "smart phone"), and an ipod. My oh my how things have changed.

With the advances in technology we are able to get in touch faster and more often. We use Twitter for instant updates and Facebook to network with friends that we have long since forgotten, but we also see the negative effects of this instant connectivity.

More and more with next generation demands everything to be given to the instantly much like an internet search engine search. We also whine and complain and blast people on Facebook which is WAY more public than standing up in downtown New York during rush hour and shouting the same things--for two reasons. Number one, people get the information instantly and it is there until you delete it. Number two, it is targeted specifically to your friends and if they are your friend to theirs as well. Also this addiction (yes, that's what it is) to technology has developed shorter attention spans, worse spelling habits, and less face to face interaction. You know it's bad when they actually have to coin a term for technology withdrawal!

So keep in mind, it's important to use your technology for good. Maybe you should be posting encouragement on Facebook instead of blasting the person who upset you. Stop texting during church, but send a text after the sermon to tell a friend what you have learned...I don't know. All I know is that we should use all things for the good of those who love Him.

Stick to the good in technology and flee from the bad. It will be better for everyone if you do.


  1. Technology has changed so much! I remember that you listened to music on cassettes. :) We can use all these new platforms to "preach" the good news.

  2. Lisa, I totally agree. There have been numerous times that my husband and I have both been able to minister to people through technology like Facebook and Xbox Live. So technology can be a really great thing when it is used for good.

  3. very true! though technology is good, we have to be careful of the other sides