Friday, July 8, 2011

Whence Came a Prince by Liz Curtis Higgs

Whence Came a Prince by Liz Curtis Higgs is the third book in the Lowlands of Scotland series. This book is the last which focuses on the early years of Jamie, Rose, and Leana. The final book focuses more on the second generation.

I won’t do to you what a friend did to me and reveal a major plot point but I do want to give you a brief plot overview. Whence Came a Prince picks up with Leana staying with her Aunt Meg in Twyneholme after fleeing Auchengray on Jamie and Rose’s wedding day. Once again the narrative is delivered mainly from the perspective of Jamie and Leana.

As Leana grieves her loss of Jamie and tries to find peace in the fact that her sister is happy, Leana discovers a special blessing that God has placed in her life. Dare she hope to believe that this blessing is true? What will become of her now? A woman who has suffered the cutty stool and been accused of adultery has few prospects in her life.

Jamie had finally learned to love Leana with his whole heart, and was enjoying their little family. He had put aside his infatuation with Rose and was becoming the husband that God has called him to be. Now he finds that Leana has been taken from him and she has run away to leave him with his new bride. Will he ever love Rose the way that he had learned to love Leana? Can he forgive her for the “truths” she told to the kirk that brought their marriage about?

After fearing that she would be childless due to her bout with the croup, Rose has sought everything she can do to heal her womb so she can bear Jamie’s children—even to the point of alienating her sister. Can she love Leana and Jamie? Will their relationships ever be the same again? When she does find herself with child, she wonders if Leana will still be able to love her. Will she ever see her sister again?

Finally, Jamie has decided to go home to Glentrool and to take his family with him. It is a long, dangerous journey. Rose is pregnant. Will she be able to handle it? Will he be able to get his sheep home to Glentrool without incident? What will he find waiting for him when he arrives?

Whence Came a Prince will not disappoint you. You will grieve and rejoice with Leana. You will want to strangle Lachlan as he tries once again to cheat Jamie. Rose redeems herself as she matures as a wife and mother. It is a great conclusion for this portion of their story. The way that Liz Curtis Higgs writes brings you directly into their time and their stories. You can almost imagine sleeping under a plaid in the back of a wagon as you flee to a faraway home that you have never seen before.

I highly recommend When Came a Prince to lovers of Christian fiction and historical fiction. It is well written and full of historical details that will make history lovers everywhere rejoice! Another great book from Liz Curtis Higgs!

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