Thursday, September 1, 2011

Moving to Saint Joseph, Missouri

It's official. Jimmy and I are moving to Saint Joseph, Missouri. Ok, let me back up a little and tell more of the story.

For a little while now, Jimmy and I have been praying about whether or not God was leading us to the Kansas City area. If you don't know that's where Jimmy's Grandfather who raised him lives. Grampy is well over 80 years old and his health has gradually been failing and Jimmy has really wanted to be close to him and have a chance to take advantage of the time that Grampy has left. So we prayed and prayed and prayed about what God was wanting us to do. A little over a year after we began praying His answer began to show itself.

A couple of months ago Jimmy got a call from his friend Mike. Mike wanted to know if he could send our resume to a church he used to work for in Saint Joseph, Missouri. We said "yes" so he contacted McCarthy and sent them our resume. We didn't really know what to expect.

In July, McCarthy contacted Jimmy and asked him for a phone interview. I thought that was pretty positive but Jimmy just shrugged his shoulders and told me "nothing ever comes from me doing phone interviews. I have never had one that resulted in anything." So we tried not to get our hopes up. Needless to say, something did come from this phone interview :)

No after another interview and a busy, long weekend of meeting people and answering a million questions Jimmy has officially been voted in to become the full-time Associate Pastor of Student Ministries for McCarthy Baptist Church! We are so excited! God has really been in this process and even though we didn't always see him at work--He totally was!

Please forgive me if I don't post regularly over the next month or so because I will be cleaning, packing, and moving. We plan to have our moving day on Friday, September 16th. If you are in Saint Joseph, you should come and see us on our first Sunday which will be September 25th.

Pray for us as we relocate and start a new ministry and a new chapter in our lives. It's very exciting and very scary all at the same time!

Grace and Peace,


  1. How exciting for you guys. I'm about 40 min. away from St. Joe ;) Many blessings!

  2. PRAISE GOD!! I'll be praying for you and him...many blessings!!

  3. Thanks. We are both so excited. We are really going to miss our youth here but this is truly a blessing from God. We can't wait!

  4. Good! I like Christina's look too on my blog! I have one more post about fashion that talks about 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and much more fashion LOL. Hope you'll like that one. Well ttyl!

  5. Moves and new chapters and seasons can be so exciting! Hope this next season is a blessing and your move goes smoothly!

  6. Well, I don't know about smoothly. The apartment complex we are moving into is having trouble with the renter who was supposed to have vacated our apartment by now but hasn't. So we might have to move into an upstairs unit temporarily until the downstairs unit comes open (since my hubby doesn't do stairs well).