Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 in Ten Words or Less

I was reading a blog on January 1st that another minister’s wife had written. It was only ten words long but it spoke to me. It wasn’t a poem or a sentence. It was a list. A list of ten words encapsulated this woman’s experiences in 2010. It gave me pause. If I were to sum up my year in ten words or less, what words would I choose? Would we have any words in common? Would they be more positive than negative or vice versa? What memories and experiences stick out and determine the words I choose? Could I even do it—limit myself to ten words?

In the end, I still haven’t made my list. However, I have spent time praying about the things that I have seen and done in 2010 and the things that I would like to do or to do differently in 2011. It has helped me to focus my attention in a few measureable and achievable New Year’s Resolutions. Who knew that 10 simple words could have such depth?

How would you summarize your 2010 experience in 10 words or less?


  1. This blesses me but also challenges me. I am going to have to think about the 10 words. Hope you have a great day!

  2. For me it's just one day at a time! Goals are good though! :)

  3. that brings a song to mind...

    One day at a time, Sweet Jesus, that's all I'm asking of you...

    So, so true.

  4. Kelli, reading this on someone else's blog really made me think so I am glad that others can relate. I am actually still thinking. Maybe I will post an edit on here when I finally get in all nailed down.

  5. Oh, this is such a good question. It took me a few days to sit down and read all of the great Marriage Monday post links, but now I'm going to think about your question all weekend. :) Thanks for sharing this reflection for our first Marriage Monday of 2011. I'll start my list with a few words inspired by starting Marriage Mondays ... blessed, encouraged, helped, learning, hopeful .... Wow! I already have 5 words. :)

    Blessings to you for a peaceful weekend,

  6. Julie,
    Thanks for reading. I really enjoyed your post as well. I pray your 2011 will be even better than your 2010.