Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Idoleyes Book Review

Hello, Everyone! A week ago I told you that I was reading Idoleyes by Mandisa. I also promised that when I was finished I would post a book review, and here it is.

Idoleyes is an auto-biography by former American Idol contestant Mandisa. Although the book centers mainly around her experience auditioning for, participating in, and after effects of American Idol, the reader is also given stories from her path and what led her to audition with American Idol. The book is full of highs and lows, personal triumphs and defeats, and most of all Mandisa’s love for Christ and scripture.

My Opinion:
I’m just going to come right out and say it…I loved this book! From the foreword by Beth Moore to the very last page I was hooked. I am a Mandisa fan. I have been since I was first introduced to her on American Idol. So to say I was biased from the start is more than a little pointless. However, I want to make one thing absolutely clear—I didn’t read this book from cover to cover because of American Idol. I was intrigued by Mandisa because of American Idol (side note: my husband and I choose who we think are going to win once they reach the live show—I picked Mandisa), I was drawn in when I saw her sing at a Women of Faith event, but I read the book because of the candid honesty I felt from Mandisa in the very first chapter.

Mandisa is open and honest about the struggles she faced before,
during, and after American Idol and I could relate to that. It was a breath of fresh air to know there is another real person out there. So many times we get wrapped up in hiding our imperfections that we miss the opportunity to share what God has done despite us, but Mandisa does not miss a single opportunity in this book!

I give Idoleyes five stars and highly recommend it to any woman who has ever struggled with food, self-image, or doubt because God doesn’t work in our ways or on our time tables.

I hope you will read it and be encouraged too.

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  1. I will need to put this book on my reading list. Thanks for the recommendation. I've discovered several good books this way!

    PS. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I look forward to getting to know you :)

  2. Eileen, I thoroughly enjoyed your blog. Thank you for visiting mine in return. Yes, this book was amazing and you will read it MUCH faster than you anticipate because it sucks you in.

  3. i cant wait to read it. this is a great post!

  4. Jimmy, It really is a great book. I hope you will enjoy it and it will speak to you too. Thanks for reading!

  5. That sounds like a good one! I'll pick one up and read along with you!!;)

  6. Kelli, I know you will really enjoy it. Tell me what you think about it once you do get into it.