Thursday, January 27, 2011

Girl Talk with God Review

Girl Talk With GodOverview:
Girl Talk with God by Susie Shellenberger is designed to teach teenage girls about having a real, viable prayer life. It teaches that prayer is more than just ritual “it’s actually all about talking to Him and listening to Him talk back.”

My Thoughts:
Girl Talk with God allows you to eaves drop on conversations God is having with His teenage daughters. These conversations cover many relevant topics including: entertainment choices, what it means to be a Christian, the language you use, eating disorders, and cutting. The writing style is almost script like as you read the prayer dialogue between God and the girl He is talking with. It honestly made it a little hard for me to get into as I prefer to read a single narrative or a more continuous writing style. The chapters are short and easy to manage. They are written in a way that is easy to understand and that I think any teenager will get. Some of the chapters are almost too simple or they just seem a little too perfectly packaged because teenagers (and adults alike) just don’t listen that well. I would also have liked to see some more added material in addition to the actual “conversation”.

One thing that I really, really appreciated is that each conversation with God was packed with scripture. It wasn’t just the references so that you would look it up later. It was the actual written word right there on the page. Which is good because we are often too lazy to look it up later and it’s important that those scriptural truths be read because they directly deal with what the conversation is about. It also makes for an easy way that teen girls can share scriptures with their friends. If they are talking about sex, just turn to the chapter that deals with sex and you have several scriptures ready to go that talk about sexual purity and what God intended sex to be like.

Overall, Girl Talk with God was a quality book and teaches strong lessons that we all should learn. I would read it again and I will probably recommend it to several of the girls in our youth group.

This book was a free copy provided to me by Thomas Nelson Publishing for review purposes.


  1. I love the book reviews, I am always for something new to read so these are a so helpful.

  2. I am glad you like the reviews. I love reading and I love sharing. I got the idea from Pink Sapphire, but I have really enjoyed writing the reviews.

  3. i think it is good that books like this have a good use of scripture in it. thats the most important.

  4. Obviously I agree. Jimmy, thanks for commenting even though this is a girls book and leaving a comment makes you feel weird. Love ya.